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From dry strands and scalps to frizzy and tangly locks, blistering cold temperatures can take a serious toll on your hair. Here are eight amazing hair secrets you need to know this season to keep those locks looking perfect and healthy on your big day.

1. Always pack a dryer sheet.

Remove static from your hair by gently rubbing a dryer sheet all over your strands. Don't rub too hard though, or the oils from the sheet might transfer to your hair and can cause a greasy look.

2. Keep a humidifier handy to lock in moisture.

Run a humidifier by your bed while you sleep. The machine will add extra moisture into the air, counteracting the dry air caused by your heater.

3. Take shorter showers.

Limit your showers to only a few minutes and skip the high heat to prevent the scalp from getting dried out with hot water.

4. Use tea tree oil as an alternative to dandruff shampoo.

Do you suffer from a dry scalp? Soothe it with tea tree oil, a natural alternative to drugstore dandruff shampoos.

5. Moisturize with coconut oil.

Once a week, deep condition your hair with coconut oil. Rub approximately 3-5 tablespoons of heated up coconut oil into your hair, then let the oil soak for a couple hours. Shower and shampoo as usual.

6. Opt for cotton hats.

This fabric generates less static electricity than wool or acrylic. Your tresses will stay strong and healthy.

7. Don't go out with damp locks.

Don't leave the house with wet hair because you could possibly cause the strands to freeze outdoors and lead to breakage. Not to mention, you might catch a cold.

8. Grab a silk scarf.

Before putting on your winter hat, wrap your hair in a scarf to prevent damage and keep your 'do perfectly intact.
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